A d m i s s i o n

H E A L T H  A N D  S A F E T Y  

Fire drills are held at our school to ensure quick evacuation of our children in emergencies and all our fire extinguishers are regularly checked. We always do our best to ensure that our students are as safe as possible during their time on our campus. Teachers and classroom assistants supervise playtimes and we regularly check to make sure all playground equipment is safe. Please try to ensure that your children are not left on campus at times when there is no scheduled supervision.

F I R E D R I L L   P R O C E D U R E S

A fire alarm requires full evacuation of the building. Signaled by a series of a few short repetitive rings of the school bell or the continuous ringing of a hand bell for several minutes.

1. When the alarm is sounded each teacher is responsible for the students under his/her supervision. Each should:
  ➤Ask students to remain calm an quiet.
  ➤Ensure students leave the room quickly and orderly in single file.
  ➤Do not turn off any electrical appliances
  ➤Make sure that the last person leaving the room closes the door
  ➤Accompany students to the designated 'Safety Area'
2. Class teachers must ensure that they carry with them the appropriate class placard designating the class under his/her care.
3. The school secretary or clerk must carry with them the class registers, which should be handed to the class teachers at the  'Safety Area'.
4. Class teachers must do a register role call at the 'Safety Area' and signal that all students are present by holding up the    appropriate class placard.
5. Following the fire drill the Head Teacher will signal that it is safe to re-enter the building.
6. Students should then again be accompanied in silence to the classroom from they came.

S P E C I A L   D U T I E S :
Assigned special duty teachers are to check the children's toilets at the rear of the school.
1. Any special duty teacher on the upper floor at the time of the fire drill must make a complete check of the area before coming down.
2. The Head Teacher will sound the alarm and shut off the main electricity supply to the school. The Head Teacher will also check that all classes are fully present in the 'Safety Area'.